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Meet the Team!

Personal training with Will has been a game changer for me. From improving my strength, changing my body composition and helping me with my mental well-being. I cant recommend him enough!

Going to a commercial gym and working out alone never worked for me. I have a tendency to get bored quickly and want to try new things often. Will has always been incredibly accommodating and understanding of this from day 1.

Will is incredibly knowledgeable in so many different aspects of fitness, which allows for depth in your training programme and not just following the basics. He's always happy to help with any questions and I trust his guidance whole heartedly.

Cultivate Fitness is a super safe space, you are free to experiment and be a beginner. the cherry on top is that we always have a great laugh as well as a challenging session.


Will - Head Coach & Owner

Personal Trainer, Father, Sports Lover & Food Enthusiast

I love to enjoy the good things in life, so balance has always been a big thing for me. Training should be full of fun and physically sustainable.


Partnering your training with a healthy relationship with food, ample rest and recovery and a social life full of the right people (and animals), and you have a recipe for a superb life right there!

Health, Strength & Performance should come first and the aesthetics will follow. I preach truly healthy habits to build a happier and more fulfilling quality of life.


Lulu - Coach & Boss

Part time trainer, Mum, chief organiser and lover of burpees

Lulu is notorious for programming some outrageously tough workouts. She has a CrossFit background and loves talking pelvic floor and gut health. one thing you can guarantee with Lulu, is she'll have you doing burpees!

Like Will, Lulu loves good food along with having a fantastic relationship with cake, cookies, brownies and those biscuits that have a layer of chocolate on top and you can nibble the chocolatey edges (know the ones?) 

Lulu is at her worst when she doesn't train, so before attending a Lulu programmed workout, make sure you ask if she has trained recently. If not, good luck!

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