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Will - Owner & Head Coach

I love to enjoy the good things in life, so balance has always been a big thing for me. Training should be full of fun and physically sustainable.


Partnering your training with a healthy relationship with food, ample rest and recovery and a social life full of the right people (and animals), and you have a recipe for a superb life right there!

Health, Strength & Performance should come first and the aesthetics will follow. I preach truly healthy habits to build a happier and more fulfilling quality of life.

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Lulu - Coach & Boss

Part time trainer, Mum, chief organiser and lover of burpees. I have taken a wee step back from the front of house side of Cultivate since having baby Billy, but still make an appearance every now and again when the little one allows.

 Having retired from competitive lacrosse, I spent the last decade in Crossfit gyms enjoying the competitive buzz. But, I understand that that isn't for all and am really passionate about making the gym (and fitness) accessible to everyone; in whatever way it is that you enjoy moving. 


If you do get me for a session, you can guarantee I'll have you doing burpees!


Beth - Chief of Mobility & World's Loveliest Coach

As a lover of adventure and trying new things, I train to ensure that in my later life I can still climb mountains, scuba dive and do all sorts of crazy things that make life that little bit more exciting! Training shouldn’t be about who can lift the heaviest, look the best or grunt the loudest; as long as you enjoy and make progress with your training, who cares what anybody else is doing?

I understand the gym can be an intimidating place so by prioritising the types off exercise you enjoy with people who make you feel comfortable, there’s no limit to the things you can achieve.


Lindsay - Queen of the Strong Mums

​​As a mum of two I have first hand experience of juggling health and fitness needs against busy family life.

I set up the Strong Mums classes so ladies can do something for themselves without having to think about childcare.
The classes are a safe space for women to build their confidence back after birth and gain the strength they need to keep running around after their little ones as they grow.
I love seeing the mums get fitter and stronger, all while the babies grow up and start playing with their gym buddies during class.

As a fellow member of the tired mums club I know how important it is to keep fitness a priority for your mental health and I can guarantee you’ll leave class feeling more energised and hopefully having made a few new friends!
I look forward to meeting you and your little one in class!

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