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Hi, I’m Will

Owner and Founder of Cultivate Fitness

Having spent many years in the sports, health and fitness realm, I've based my whole training philosophy around being able to love what you do to get long term results!

This is how Cultivate Fitness has become what it is today.

Cultivate Fitness has a secluded outdoor and indoor space where workouts are focused on functional training concepts and having a laugh with the growing Cultivate community, often with some childhood games thrown in for good measure. Sessions are varied and adapted to all abilities so that you can be pushed and motivated to perform at just the right level for you.

Head down to the Farm and join me for a session and see if Cultivate Fitness is for you!


Say Hello to Cultivate Fitness

The Private Indoor & Outdoor Gym Facility in Bisham/ Marlow

Cultivate Fitness stemmed from Head Coach Will using the garden at Town Farm as a small escape from lock down to work out. Using the space available and a small selection of farm related equipment, he was able to create the fittest and strongest version of himself yet! 

Luckily we've been able to grow a TONNE since then and we are now offering clients a private picturesque outdoor facility and a stunningly unique indoor strength barn to escape from the norms of day-to-day life. 


Sessions are creative and diverse, using fun, play and hard work to get the best out of people. No matter your age or ability, we can help you fall in love with health & fitness and make you the strongest and fittest you've ever been.  

Cultivate Fitness HQ is at Town Farm, Bisham, Marlow, SL7 1RR.

We have ample free parking on site.

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